Reasons We Love Saint John School


By Julianne Nornberg

When I went to Mass this morning and heard the children sing, I was moved by their sincerity and innocence, the way they conducted themselves in their various Mass parts, the way they sat quietly and showed respect.
For some reason, our children behave better when they are with their classmates at Mass on Friday than they do with their own siblings on Sunday. I’m not sure if it is because they think they can get away with more when they are with Mom and Dad, but I do know it reveals how much they value their teachers’ opinions.
This is why we send them to Saint John School: to learn to be civilized and decent people. (So far, it is working, at least when we are out in public.)
And this is also part of why we send our children to Saint John School: to learn to get along with other people, in an environment of our Catholic faith.
This spring, as we thaw out from winter and anticipate the warmer days ahead, we think about the things that make our Saint John School stand out from other options. It’s not just the academics, but the everyday expectations that encourage our students to reach down within themselves and bring out their best.
“This next term, I’m going to aim for an A,” one of my children said earnestly one afternoon after we reviewed her progress in math, which not only had always been challenging for her, but not her favorite class – until this year.
Perhaps it is part of her personality, but it is also the environment she experiences at Saint John School: one of encouragement and support, of respect and building confidence.
Another time as our daughter lay on the couch sick from school, I asked her if she’d like to pray the rosary with me, followed by the Angelus. While I pulled out a little prayer card with the Angelus prayer on it and was about to share it with my daughter, it became apparent to me that she had already memorized the prayer at school and so had no need of the card.
My heart swelled then, for she already knows at her age more than I do at mine.
So, thank you, teachers and staff at Saint John School. You have been instrumental in the building of our children’s characters, in their confidence, in their ability to work with others, as well as in their learning our beautiful Catholic faith.
Julianne and Mark Nornberg have four children attending Saint John School.

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