Rejoining Our School Family


Rejoining Our School Family
By Julianne Nornberg

Summer is a time for family: family vacations, family cabins, family outings. Nothing will beat, in years to come, the family memories of roasting marshmallows over the campfire or swimming in the clear lakes up north.

But as we head into the crisp days of fall, it’s time to rejoin our school family. Whether you are a returning family or a new family joining Saint John School, you will find it to be a welcoming place, from the teachers and staff to the parents and students.

Whatever our summers may have looked like, from lazy poolside days to hectic schedules full of activity, we all join together again at the school for the common purpose of educating our children in the environment of our Catholic faith.

It’s a beautiful thing, this common purpose that draws us together. It makes us strive to help our children on their journey to become the best people God wants them to be.

And Saint John School, with its dedicated teachers and staff, is a great place to give them a head start on that journey.

Julianne and Mark Nornberg have four children attending Saint John School.


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