A Safe Place in a Season of Change


A Safe Place in a Season of Change
By Julianne Nornberg

Middle school can be a tough time. I remember my days in sixth grade, a few decades ago, and the basic challenges are still there: peer pressure, learning where to fit in, managing friendships plus extracurriculars and new responsibilities in academics.It is a time of growth and change, challenge and uncertainty. It’s a time of learning who you are and how you can use your God-given gifts. That’s why we’re grateful for Saint John School, where students in small classes under the guidance of thoughtful teachers can face this time of life in the environment of our Catholic faith.

“Middle school is hard,” my daughter said one day, citing the new responsibilities of lockers and remembering which books to bring to which class. “But everybody has sort of matured and gets along.”

It’s good to know she has found a safe haven among her peers and teachers. But at Saint John School, which has helped shape our children since preschool, we would expect nothing less.

Julianne and Mark Nornberg have four children attending St. John School.

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