Teachers Who Go Above and Beyond


Teachers who go above and beyond
By Julianne Nornberg

We knew we were at a special place when our oldest child began preschool at Saint John School eight years ago.
It wasn’t the brightly colored classroom or the cozy reading space. It wasn’t the cool marble maze the children loved or the adorable tiny chairs around little tables, although those things were nice.
What remains in my memory was how the teacher – noticing my other young children bundled up as we picked up my preschooler in the cold weather — handed me her cell phone number and told me to call her to open the side door next to the street so I wouldn’t have to trundle everybody inside at every pick-up.
It was a seemingly small gesture generated by simple practicality, but to an overwhelmed mother new to the area and busy with three young children at the time, that kind-hearted gesture meant a lot.
Yet, as we continued at Saint John School, it became apparent that the teachers there do things like this all the time.
We were amazed to discover a teacher who offered free tutoring to her students in the summer. We were proud to learn of a teacher who helps at the local donation center. We were inspired by a teacher who challenged her students to “stretch their brains” and grow, even though it would’ve been easier to give up.
We were intrigued by a teacher who incorporated many interesting projects and field trips to help students delve into what they were learning. We were impressed when a teacher made heroic efforts to meet the personal academic needs of every type of student in her large class.
In various ways over the years, our children have been challenged, encouraged, and loved by Saint John School teachers who empathize with others, help their students grow, and hone their strengths.
There is a reason Saint John School is a special place, and it has nothing to do with iPads or Smart Boards. It has everything to do with the compassionate and conscientious teachers and staff. To all of them we say, “Thank you and God bless you” for a job well done.

Julianne and Mark Nornberg have four children attending St. John School.

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