Mrs. Claudine Towers

I am back at St. John’s after a short 2 year retirement, and very happy to be back! I love teaching at St. John School and watching the students grow in their love of learning and love for God.  Our school is truly one big family that can learn and worship together. It is so great that we can share in masses, prayer and devotion of our Lord. I like to read, knit, walk and ride my bike. I have 4 children: Abbey, Anne, Al and Gil. Abbey is married to Daniel and they live in Germany. They had a baby girl in May; Gianna. Anne lives in Appleton, Wisconsin with her husband Jon and two little girls; Addy and Elliot (my granddaughters.) Al lives in Urbana, Illinois and finished his PhD in May; being a perpetual student he is going back to school this fall doing a one year program in Paton Law. Gil lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a 7th grade English teacher. My husband, David, works as an Assistant Dean at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Mrs. Claudine Towers


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