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Thank You Saint John and Saint Mary of the Lake Parishes!

As the 2016-2017 school year closes, many thanks are due to our parishes for the faithful support of our school.  Our mission to form the children of the parishes in the faith of our Catholic Church, and to provide a thorough academic preparation would not be possible without the participation your gifts of countless volunteer hours, generous financial contributions, and constant prayer.

To our volunteers, the time that you give as classroom helpers, playground monitors, volunteer coaches, and various committee members is remarkable.  Our school has never needed to “require” a set number of volunteer hours from families.  Whenever a need is posted, a volunteer is there to fill it. Our volunteers are teens and adults, some with a connection to the school and some without, but all with willing hearts and hands.

To our parish organizations, especially the Knights of Columbus and Auction Committee, thank you for your constant support of our families.  Thank you to those who serve on the Endowment Board and those who have so generously donated to the school scholarship fund. You help to provide a Catholic education for many children.  Thank you to our Education Committee and the sub-committees, you help to shape the vision, direction and growth of our school programming. To the coaches and members of our Athletic Association I offer my deep gratitude for the way you selflessly provide our children with healthy and holy outlets for their energy.  If I have forgotten anyone who helps our school, please forgive me, and rest assured that you are in my prayers daily and in my heart always.

Many thanks is due as well to the more than 30 employees who offer their professional skills to our children, making up the Saint John the Baptist Catholic School family.  Our 225 children find a place of peace, safety, harmony and learning that only comes from the many, many hours of preparation and hard work of our school staff.   I also thank our Parish office staff, Msgr. Gunn and Father Bala. Our students are able to come to a beautiful church for prayer, sacraments, adoration and liturgy.  May you be blessed in overflowing measure for your goodness to our children.

Finally to our school families.  We are so blessed that you are choosing our school when there are readily many other options available.  You have taken this leap of faith with us, and not a day goes by when we appreciate and pray for your family.  Some families come and others go: and our school family remains strong and constant in our mission to provide a quality Catholic education to the future leaders of our world.  We will be here for many future generations to come.

May God bless you and keep you.  Have a great summer.

Conni Stark


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